Friday, 22 June 2012

I spy...a Friday night in.

Once upon a time Friday nights were the highlight of the week.  A time to play, a time to laugh, a time to flirt, a time to get off one’s nut on drink, drugs  or just the heady mix of youth and expendable income.

Ah me, would that such days did last.  They don’t.  Which is I why I find myself sat in bed, a bowl of Bombay mix by my side, bugger all on the tellybox, with a bunch of equally lost souls cool people on Twitter for company at 8.30 this evening.  University Challenge isn’t even on to break up the monotony.  Sad times, my friends, sad times.

But wait!  I have a marvellous idea.  I can harness all of this middle aged, middle-England, middle to low income ennui, by the simple expedient of the classic children’s game I Spy!  But with a twist…wait for it…you’ll never guess (you might)…it will be called Fri Spy and it will be played on Twitter.

The rules of Fri Spy are simple.
  1. The game will take place on Friday evenings. (Don’t pretend you won’t be in.  You will.  Or even if you’re not, you know your night will be punctuated by slightly paranoid checking of Twitter to see if you have any mentions.  Don’t deny it, it is a truth)
  2. The Fri-Master (me) will tweet “Fri spy with my little eye something beginning with <insert appropriate letter>” and you have to guess whatever it is I am spying with my little eye.
  3. I will give you clues (up to a maximum of three) throughout your frenetic guessing and if no one gets it right I WIN.  AND GET TO PLAY AGAIN.
  4. If someone guesses correctly it will be their turn to be The Fri-Master.
  5. We start again.
  6. &c
  7. &c
  8. &c
  9. As per long car journeys, Fri Spy will end when we get bored, start kicking the back of the seat in front and gurning at other passengers,
  10. The evening flies by in a rush of guessing and punning and double entendres so much so that we laugh, I say LAUGH, at those silly sausages going out boozing and drugging and good timing.  The fools. 

We Friday-Night-Staying-Inners are many; indeed one could even say legion. 

We are Fri-Spyers.

Let the games commence!

(On Friday 29th June.  I’m going to bed in a minute).